Healthcare operations are experiencing an epidemic of safety issues. They must care for the ill and injured inside their facilities while protecting patients, staff and visitors from outside threats. Yet violent acts are becoming the norm, impacting almost 90 percent of hospitals. Whether it is an aggressive patient who needs to be subdued, or a threatening visitor entering with a weapon, Illinois Communications knows it is critical for hospitals to prevent incidents and resolve them quickly when they occur.

Your healthcare campus has multiple buildings with multiple floors – some above ground and some below – and your team needs instant, reliable, all digital communication to stay connected. Users need the ability to send and receive private messages across campus to do their jobs with greater efficiency. Motorola Solutions Team Communications from Illinois Communications help you manage patient, management and staff expectations.


Illinois Communications can help provide proper security measures and communication systems to put in place to handle crisis prevention and crisis management. When these solutions are put in place, safety is strengthened, your organization can achieve better outcomes.

When emergencies occur, security must communicate quickly and efficiently, coordinate a response across the property – whether a small clinic or a large campus – and make sure patients and staff are out of harm’s way.

By giving security personnel and staff the right devices and information, they can guide patients to safety and provide real-time updates. Our rugged radios with clear coverage in buildings and across campuses, hands-free accessories and leading applications help your operation stay safe.


Patient Safety and Security

Prevent incidents from happening and respond quickly and efficiently when they do. When you have the right device and right information, you create a safer environment for your patients.

Patient Services

From reception to patient transport, real-time communications help your staff coordinate and collaborate to create a welcoming environment for patients and visitors.

Facilities and Maintenance

Facilities and maintenance keep operations running smoothly. The faster they can collaborate and respond to requests, the better the experience for patients, visitors and staff.


Healthcare staff can upgrade service and downsize costs with communication solutions from Illinois Communications:

  • Connect work teams with the ultimate in discreet communication
  • Prioritize communication immediately
  • Communicate clearly with exceptional audio
  • Speed operations and strengthen security
  • Connect your property completely & improve coverage in buildings
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Communicate without disturbing patients using Motorola IMPRES audio accessories
  • Rely on batteries that last through long shifts
“One of the main concerns I had was for the safety of my officers, and this system has emergency signaling that lets me know which officer is down so everyone can respond to it.”
Eddie Wood, Security Coordinator for WTH
“I put it in my guys’ hands and we tried it out all over the hospital, including the basement, tunnels, places where we’ve had poor reception in the past. We have some huge generators in equipment rooms and we put guys in between those, and we got clear reception everywhere we went with it.”
Eddie Wood, Security Coordinator for WTH
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Featured Products

Illinois Communications provides reliable push to talk Motorola Team Communications two way radio solutions in Chicago, Illinois and the Chicagoland area including the counties of Adams, Boone, Bureau, Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Kankakee, Lake (IL), Lake (IN), McHenry, Stephenson, Will and Winnebago.

Motorola MOTOTRBO communication solutions help you reach personnel anywhere they go, improve safety and security, keep every department connected, improve response times, maximize your investment and meet budgets cost-effectively.

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